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Troubleshoot Volume Icon Missing Windows 10 Error On your Own

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System by Microsoft which includes various features like Cortana, Windows App Store. The salient features and easy user interface of it are the main reasons to opt it. Though it is a featured one, it is not free from the technical woes like any other OS. Users often complain…

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Learn How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10

Many users who have recently upgraded to Windows 10, are facing issues with the Bluetooth feature in their devices. Some of them disable the option due to security concerns, but can’t enable the Bluetooth again. Hence, check out this article if you want to know how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 based devices.…

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Windows 10 Store Won’t Open- Effective Solutions To Follow

Windows Store is an online marketplace that provides you with the latest apps which are very useful for your day to day working. Its another name is Microsoft Store. It enables you to download certain expensive apps at free. Therefore, you cannot access those apps if Windows 10 Store won’t open. So to use Microsoft…

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Troubleshooting Tips To Access Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe mode starts Windows only with the essential files and drivers, and thereby, fixes several problems on your PC. It helps to detect whether the default settings or the basic device drivers of your PC are causing a problem or not. Therefore, it becomes a crucial issue if you are not aware of how to…

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Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 : Get A Quick Fix At Your Fingertip

Microsoft Account can be used to sign into your Windows 10 Operating System. It provides a security to your system by securing the system applications. However, several problems arise due to the usage of multiple accounts. To free up that space, you can Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10. To delete a Microsoft Account from…

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Steam Not Opening Windows 10: Ultimate Solutions For Your Windows Issue

Steam is an extremely reliable application which has a lot of unique and special features. It allows the users to access it fast and even purchase the newest of games easily. Regardless of it being extremely useful an application, it is not entirely free from the technical flaws. A number of the users have flagged…

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Windows Update Service Not Running: Easy Ways To Solve Your Issue

If your Windows Update Service Not Running, it may be a reason of disbalance of the newest Windows version with an old WiFi connecting with your device. A feeble internet connection may stop the updates to install properly. If any operating file is missing from your computer then this error may occur. There might be…

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Getting Windows Ready Stuck: Resolve With Expert Guidance

Microsoft’s Windows Operating System is one of the most reliable OS available in the market. Users preferred this OS because of its user-friendly interface and many advanced features. Despite its immense popularity and reliability, there are some technical flaws which may irritate you from time to time. Getting Windows Ready stuck is the most common…

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Windows Spotlight Not Working: Effective Ways To Solve

The spotlight is a feature of Windows 10 which you can use to display various background images on a lock screen. Despite being useful, users face trouble while using it. This article throws light upon the causes of spotlight bugs and the preventive measures to fix these bugs. Therefore, if you are a spotlight user,…

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DNS Server Not Responding: Get Easy Fixes Instantly With Us

Many people have encountered that they fail to access the internet over their home network. When you try to connect to the internet, you have to connect to the DNS(Domain Name System) server. After that, the DNS server receives the request and redirects you to the website. You may be not able to connect for…

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